Defy all odds, follow your soul’s calling and live out your destiny


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The Era Of Femininity is thought-provoking, will leave you sitting on the edge of your seat and inspire you to show up into the world authentically.

The Era of Femininity takes you on a journey of a girl who at the age of ten was dumped at a religious community, engaged at twelve and married as a child bride. Alisa Arvind takes you through defying moments in her life where she risks all that is sacred to her to pursue the callings of her soul. 

This powerful, intimate & awe-inspiring book takes the reader through the most painful experiences in a girl’s life and shows you how to use that to consciously tap into your power and turn your life completely around. 

From a voiceless, insecure girl to one reporting in the White House, The Era of Femininity will leave you sitting on the edge of your seat, inspire you to show up into the world authentically, and have you believe that you, too, can achieve your deepest, most sacred desires. 

With crucial, thought-provoking lessons, rituals and exercises, this book will have you trusting your instincts, breaking bullshit rules and living up to your truest, highest potential no matter what situation you are in.

Some of the lessons I share in The Era Of Femininity include:

  • Creating Boundaries

  • Taking Care of Yourself is SOULFUL

  • Surrender, and then Surrender Some More

  • Validation is for Parking

  • Sexual Energy

Book Reviews


The Era Of Femininity should come with a warning label, and if it did, it would say ‘Reading this book may cause you to quit your job, follow your dreams, pursue greatness, and live life with purpose, so proceed with caution’”. - Gigi Rodriguez

“Simply put - Alisa is a marvel in her own time. Every now and again, we find a book that completely changes our outlook and understanding of how we have lived life until then, this surely makes the list as one of them. ” - Keelee Molitor

The Era Of Femininity will have you believing anything is possible. A raw and real look at how one woman was able to channel her pain and heartbreak into triumph and success. A must read for any woman looking to overcome a painful past. It will inspire you to move on and live the life you were meant for.” - Michelle Fuller

The Era Of Femininity is a book that will you will carry with you when you need inspiration. It is a book that connects with you emotionally. I could not put the book down and refer to it whenever I’m down in the dumps and in need of motivation. It’s a reminder to all of us that we’ve got this, and we can overcome any obstacle!” - Binny Daryanani