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"Alisa is a phenomenal coach and I can’t say enough about how powerful my experience was with her.

Before I worked with Alisa I lacked clarity on some important areas of my life. While working with her not only did I gain major clarity on my next steps but I gained the confidence to take action. She has a gentle yet truth telling spirit and the insight she gave me was spot on. My spirit felt so aligned with the words that she was speaking during our sessions.

Since working with her, I’ve taken life changing actions on some necessary aspects of my life and there’s no turning back now! I’m so excited! Alisa’s love and support throughout this entire process has been outstanding. Her heart is pure gold and her ability to hold the space for women who are going to the next level is phenomenal."

Camille T.
CEO & Business Coach
San Francisco, California


Over the past month I've taken a quantum leap in how I'm managing my money and my meditation practice is finally taking hold. If you're feeling blocked spiritually, energetically, romantically, financially. Alisa can help. Reach out to her.

Mira J.
Business Coach
Los Angeles, California

Alisa has a beautiful, warm way of making you feel very comfortable to work with her. Her guidance opened my mind to new possibilities. And I knew at a deeper level, that all the things she said to me were so right on for me!

Dr. Brenda B.
Life Coach & Spiritual Mentor

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Alisa is one of the most heart centered coaches I have ever had the opportunity to work with. While working with her, she supported me in reconnecting with my feminine spirit and realizing how I have been getting in my own way. She helped me to realize that all of the answers I was looking for outwardly, were right inside of me. While working with her, I would finally acknowedge that the only thing holding me back was my own energy and beliefs.

Alisa gave me powerful action steps to help me calm my inner voices, and step into all that is meant for me. I have to say that I felt a major positive shift in my thoughts and my feelings as she helped me to really tap into my inner spirit and voice to find the answers that I need to move forward in my business and new life journey. I appreciate her so very much. She is an amazing coach who is intuitive, smart, patient and empathetic. I enjoyed my work with her and look forward to incorporating more mediation practice into my daily routine as a result of our work together.

Thank you Alisa. You are a beautiful soul and gifted coach.

Jacqueline L, MA, MPA, MS
Business Success Marketing & Strategist
Atlanta, Georgia


Before I had worked with Alisa Arvind I was very lost and confused about which path to take as things were changing for me very rapidly.

During our work together, she made me feel so safe and confident about my gifts and talents and how I could use them to serve humanity. Our time together she gave me the tools on how to stop procrastinating and move forward boldly in my vision.

Since that time I feel like a heavy weight has been lifted and that I have taken all the gifts I have and used them to heal people. I feel confident, empowered and loved. Thank you so much Alisa.

Daniela I.
Psychologist & Success Coach
Adelaide, South Australia


Alisa has helped me achieve a growth mindset which is needed to connect with others on a deeper level in my career. Alisa has a positive approach and outlook which has helped me set big goals and achieve them.

Binny D.
Special Needs Education
Dubai, UAE

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Alisa is exceptional at what she does and will help you clear the way to fully stepping in and owning your personal power.

Audrie A.
CEO, and Business Strategist
Reighley, NC

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After years in spiritual awakening I started to seek and choose only very high vibe coaches. I was attracted by Alisa's personality and strong connection. Alisa is a very deeply grounded woman able to create pure light space. I always get clarity, grace, ease and answers from my coaching session. Grateful.

Pasqualina S.
Life Coach
Milan, Italy

My session with Alisa was incredible! I received such deep and meaningful answers to all of my questions. I was brought to tears, had my heart pound with clarity and got those crazy, amazing goosebumps all during our time together. She has such a gift. Working with her is something not to be missed!!

Juli G.
Business Coach
Wheaton, Illinois

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Every experience with Alisa has truly been a soul awakening moment. Our calls leave me breath taken every time, it's her ability to speak to the searching of my spiritual soul which brings out the wholeness within myself! Alisa has and continues to aspire me to walk into my true self and my life has truly opened into a magical experience.

Chantell T.
New York, NY

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Alisa is full of light. Her coaching made me think of what type of legacy I wanted to leave the world with. She helped me believe in myself and focus on the things that really mattered to me. She helped me find my inner inspiration which has put me on a path to leading an extraordinary life.

Jaime Sanchez
Sacramento, California

Words can't express how GRATEFUL I am to have crossed paths with such a beautiful soul. I was introduced to Alisa's coaching while in the midst of a spiritual awakening. I'm so thankful to God for bringing her into my existence because at the time I wasn't sure what I needed. I just knew I needed support and guidance. Alisa showed so much compassion for my situation and most importantly, she made me feel safe enough to become vulnerable and let the magic in. Alisa is truly a talented coach and so full of love and light! I appreciate all that she's done for me. She is the light!

Jah A.
Honolulu, Hawaii

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Before working with Alisa I was very doubtful and unclear of my purpose and my message. During our work she made me feel very safe, loved and assured that my divine power is all around and working with me. Alisa had a great ability to connect to my true self. Alisa gave me some great tools on how to move forward with my talents and move past any blockages I had with my purpose. From our session I feel like a weight has been lifted and I have a new space to walk into confidently and so loved all around. Truly a gift. Thank you Alisa.

Antonietta R.
Toronto, Canada

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My time with Alisa was incredible! I’m so grateful to have met Alissa & worked with her! She really knows her stuff!! Thank you Alisa.

Lea L.

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My confidence level has increased ten fold. Since meeting this amazing, down to earth human my life has completely turned around. Definitely one of the best investments I've made in myself. I can almost guarantee if you contact Alisa your life will change for the better.

Nikki W.
Sacramento, California


I had the most beautiful call with Alisa! She was able to get me unstuck, she gave me hope and a purpose... Which is exactly what I was looking for... And she did that in only an hour!
I cannot recommend her enough, she is genuinely willing to listen and help! She truly is the best.

Alice Zamprogna


When I've heard Alisa talking for the first time, she was just trying her PechaKucha Night speech, but I was so impressed and deeply touched by the energy she's able to transmit that I almost immediately felt a strong connection with her. Listening to Alisa's story and talking with her changed my perspective about my potential as a woman and strongly contributed to the development of my feminine power as a leader.

A couple of days after, I took part in her workshop at Hubud. For me, it was a profound journey with myself and my inner feelings, even if I was surrounded by people, and this digging into myself certainly helped me releasing some strong internal wounds that I was carrying with me since many years.

Thank you so much Alisa!

Giulia Bencini
Social Media Marketer
Milan, Italy


Alisa's workshop was truly inspiring and impactful. Her interactive and interpersonal methods were very engaging, healing, and empowering. I can truly say her story, principles, and exercises have helped me transform the way I think and how I use my most powerful divine energy.

Emmy O’Smiley
Bali, Indonesia


I've had the honour of two incredible sessions with Alisa. Her nature is so calm and wise that within minutes I felt so much better about what was going on with me. She is wise way beyond her years. The Akashic Records work she does is deeply spiritual and provided me with so much reassurance and the answers I craved.

Jennifer Grace
Success Coach
Manchester, UK


Listening to Alisa for the first time was an empowering and very special experience.

I feel deeply honored to have had the chance to meet such a strong and powerful human who has gone through and overcome so many deep life-changing experiences and has managed to emerge unto the other side not only strong but stronger and so full of life ready to share and help others come into their full self-power and self-assurance.

The workshop was a beautiful experience and an opportunity to look within myself, and open my heart to infinite possibilities. I am still enjoying the feeling.

Thank you.

Eda Sofia
Bali, Indonesia

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Alisa is an amazing coach!!! She is empathetic and compassionate. She is so in tune with her clients. She gave me incredible insight on my higher purpose and calling here on earth. I feel so full of love and gratitude for her. I feel so empowered to make bold decisions about my life and take action after our call.

Michelle Fuller
Life Coach
Austin, TX